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Wholesale School Uniform Polo Shirts
Wholesale School Uniform Polo Shirts

Why Polo Shirts are a great idea to enforce as a dress code for your school?

Studies find that when children are uniformed or at least with all matching shirts, provides many benefits. Most of which is keeping the students as equals with no worry of kids feeling inferior if they cant afford certain brands or fashion labels. Another benefit to Schools outfitting with polo shirts would be giving the school a professional atmosphere, and promoting focus on students growth in learning and not focused on superficial issues.

We also have learned over the years leading the market as a school uniform supplier, that many schools have homeless children or poverty stricken kids, who can't even afford the basic necessities such as clothing. Many schools are entitled to Title 1 or Homeless Programs where they are given certain grants from the government to distribute polo shirts and school uniforms to those kids in need.

Ordering Our School Uniforms

Wholesale Schoolwear offers affordable ways for mom and pop stores, embroiderers, schools, churches, camps, day care centers, high school and colleges to purchase school uniforms without having to deal with large manufacturers or big corporations to order from. We keep things simple here by offering the ability to order as little as one case of shirts which has 36 polos and quickly checking out on our website. We dont ask for a resale certificate or Tax ID, and we sell to anyone with a credit card. Schools however can order with a purchase order with payment terms of 30 days.

School Polo Shirt Options & Styles

We have a large variety of options when buying school uniform polo shirts in bulk. We offer Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve options for Youth Unisex, Boys, Girls, Juniors, and Adults. We have option in different size ranges and well over 15 popular colors to choose from. If you even need any help, please feel free to reach out to one of our School Uniform Sales Reps at any time.