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Wholesale Schoolwear is a leading name in the bulk Kids School Uniform industry. We have established a reputation for supplying quality school uniforms at wholesale prices throughout the United States, offering academic apparel for children as well as bulk polo shirts in sizes for toddlers through adults. Our stock of pants, skirts, tops and other school wear is available in a huge range of colors and cuts, all at the best possible rates for resellers! From embroidery shop owners to auction site vendors, our diverse clothing selection and wholesale prices can't be beat. Whether the school is public or private, all girls or co-ed, trust Wholesale Schoolwear for all your kids school uniform needs!

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We carry a wide variety of kids school uniforms in boys', girls', husky, and juniors' sizes, and our collection of dress shirts and polos come in a range of adult sizes as well. Available in diverse color and style options, our wholesale kids school uniforms are appropriate for any academic environment—so whether you cater to a traditional prep school or a more casual program, our stock of bulk shirts, pants, skirts and other school apparel is sure to keep your students smart and stylish. The same goes for our polo shirts and more in adult sizes—for your next company getaway, religious retreat, or charity event, choose wholesale apparel from Wholesale Schoolwear.

There are several potential benefits to wearing school uniforms:

Improved school safety:
School uniforms can help to create a safer learning environment by making it easier to identify outsiders who may be on campus for nefarious reasons.

Enhanced school spirit:
School uniforms can promote a sense of unity and pride among students, as they are all wearing the same outfit.

Improved focus on academics:
Without the distractions of fashion and personal style, students may be more focused on their studies.

Increased sense of equality:
School uniforms can help to level the playing field among students, as they are all dressed the same regardless of their economic status.

Reduced bullying:
School uniforms can help to reduce bullying and social conflicts, as students are not judged based on their clothing choices.

Cost savings:
School uniforms can be less expensive than purchasing regular clothes, especially if a student's school requires specific types of clothing that may be more expensive.

Simplified morning routine:

With school uniforms, students do not need to spend time choosing what to wear each day.

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